Burn Like an Egyptian

We have the full spoilers, and we’re just weeks away from prerelease, and the rotation of Lapis Cluster. So, in anticipation of the format to come, I have a brew exploring what we can do with one of the new rulers, and combining the new cards with our exisitng Reiya Cluster pool.
Whenever a new set rolls around, there’s always some advantage in starting out proactive while everyone is a little shaky and explores new possibilities. This effect is exaggerated when you get a change as big as rotation, so this felt like a good time to play a red deck. Kirik has kept most of his exisitng tools, but loses easy access to Wind-producing stones and Sylvia. We do have access to a Fire/Darkness stone in Null Magic stone though, so a Fire deck with a Darkness splash is appealing. And we do have a new Fire J/Ruler who gets to start with guaranteed access to 3 burn spells, so…..

Burn is always a fairly consistent strategy, as it combines burn spells, which can be removal or a win condition based on the situation and low cost swiftness bodies to ensure that it curves out every time and makes use of all its resources every turn. Isis bumps that up to a new level, as we get a combined minimum of 1900 points of burn damage in your Runes, and that assumes her Master Rune only targets you for 200 and your opponent for 400. Use it in a better scenaria (maybe throw 400 at one of your own bodies, and nab one resonator from your opponent) and suddenly we had guaranteed access to enough burn to take out half our opponent’s life, and it can’t even be discarded.

This also irons out a powerful card for any deck packing nearly half chants: Welser, the Archmage of Fire. In previous lists, my experience has been that Welser is a massively powerful card, putting a lot of pressure on early, and enabling come from behind moments no other card could come close to. One of his problems has been that he’s been a poor late-game top deck. He needs you to have at least one chant to really get value before you’re able to just pay 6 will to play him. Forturnatley, Scalding Breath is a Chant/Rune, so Welser is happy to copy it, and we can keep a pocket copy to combine with a top-decked Welser without losing a card in hand.
You may notice that this puts us to 11 total divinity among our Runes. Even with Tears of the Fallen being free, this list will make use of all of its will in the early turns of the game, so you’re likely to reach the later stages with 2-3 Runes unflipped. With that in mind, I’d rather forego a 5th rune flipped to have better options among my last 2 runes, and for this deck that means a burn option to make Welser consistent over something like Sandstorm, which would be free, flippable, and underwhelming many times.

So, what Ruler or card from the new set has you excited? Do you have something you’d like to see a brew for next? Maybe you just have an existing list you’d like to see brought past rotation. If you have any comments, suggestions, or requests feel free to reach out to me at Citridon@outlook.com