Brew – Taegrus Lord of Greed

I’m going to warn you now: this list was making its way down the road, saw a sign saying “You have now entered ‘Greed'” and then slammed its foot on the gas and kept goin’. We’re working some of Taegrus Pearlshine’s support, some Fairy Tale support, and Jack/Skyscraper Giant all into one deck. If you’re down to play a midrange deck just planning to slam down cool thing after cool thing, sleeve up and join us in the fun.


There are a few key cards gluing all this together and giving the deck some chance at consistency. Kaguya’s Moonbeam Butterfly has been a powerful midrange and toolbox card for more than a year now, and Taegrus gets access to its successor. Restoration can search your deck for any Resonator or Addition, reveal it, and put it in your hand; if the revealed card costs two or less, Taegrus lets you play it immediately without paying its cost.

In addition to Kaguya’s Moonbeam Butterfly and Restoration, Grimm gives us a final piece to make the decks various parts more consistent. Between Attoractia, Life-Stealing Altar, Lightning Cave, and Flying Cloud we’ve reached a point where there are a significant number of additions that either will see main deck play or have seen significant main deck play before. Grimm blows up all of these. He’s been used as a bullet for Moonbeam Butterfly decks like this in the past, but he’s always had this extra text that rarely saw any use. If he does successfully blow up an addition, you get to search your deck for a Fairy Tale and put it in your hand. This lets him find the Red Riding hoods if we’re looking to get out some bodies or ramp, the other Grimm if you think more additions are coming, Grimmia if you’ve taken some damage or gone through a couple Auras, and Jack to try and scrape the sky. Put all this together, and the deck should be quite capable of working its 3 distinct lines of attack together.

The 3 ‘sections’ of this deck are these:


First, we have the Taegrus assault package. Taegrus, supplied with some light gems and a water gem, gets to swing for 13 with Flying twice. That’s some sizable J-Ruler aggression and Resuscitating Will helps make that swing even bigger. To provide these gems, and as early color fixing, we have Gem Mallet Panda. It provides 2 gems, one of any attribute and one light, when we resolve it. You’ll generally use the any attribute gem for will, and stockpile some of the light gems for Taegrus. After we’ve flipped, it turns into a chump blocker that can provide water for evasion or darkness as small removal. Rounding all this out we have Citrin. She’s a quickcast damage sink that should help stymie early aggression and leave a gem around for her effort.


Second, we have the Jack and the Giant package. Those who’ve been playing since RDE will well remember the power Jack can command if you can get him swiftness to make playing him a suprise. He may have lost his original Ruler enabler, but it looks like her homeworld isn’t done getting him swift and then getting him banished. Attoractia both provides ramp to get him out earlier and provides swiftness to get him in the red zone earlier. Restoration brings us up to an effective 6 maindeck copies of the addition, and can still tutor Jack later in the game if we have Attoractia. Between Mallet Panda, Attoractia, and Red Riding Hood we also have a decent bit of ramp, so hard-casting a Giant isn’t impossible, even if it’s non-ideal.


Lastly, we have a batch of Fairy Tales to provide blockers, attackers, and then swiftness reach later in the game. Both Reds will get swiftness as the game moves on. Frayla is a Restoration tech card to also get Red Riding Hood swiftness (and also dead. We need stones). Then there’s Grimmia. If we draw them naturally, we have a 2-drop 1200/1200 that can recycle our Resuscitating Wills for resilience and lifegain. Put all this together, and line up your threats with holes in your opponents answers, and you have a powerful, proactive deck that gets to do a bunch of fun stuff. Have a blast!