About Us

R&D Co. is a new Force of Will competitive team.  We have a heavy emphasis on equality and creativity. We created the team because we did not want a Team that had a demanding schedule, members can test and contribute at their own pace.  We also wanted a space where we could create new decks, share new card ideas and have an attitude of test it first and judge later.  We really value the brewing side of deck building and try to discover new ideas that were looked over or not tested by other teams.  To be a member you have to enjoy the deck building process, and have to be willing to do some testing, though not on a demanding schedule.   It is this casual attitude of trying new things,  relaxed schedule, but emphasis solely on competitive and not casual play that makes the team a good mix.

Current Members:

Stephanie Shaw

Frank Closser

Victor Harris


We are currently not accepting applications for new members,  if you think you would be an amazing addition and HAVE to contact us for some reason,  feel free to send any member a facebook message.