Frank Closser of Team R&D Co. Wins GP Richardson!

Grand Prix Richardson was our first Force of Will GP as a team.  The whole current team attended, Victor Harris, Stephanie Shaw, and Frank Closser.  All 3 members of the team were on the brink of top 8, but Frank Closser the Master of the Sky  Sealed… Won the entire Grand Prix!

Frank will be doing some posts about sealed in the future, but if the GP showed us anything it is that skill and practice does make much more of a difference in Sealed than most people expected.

Frank’s Deck in Swiss was

Ruler x 1
Treasure Hunter Fierica x 1

Main Deck x 25
Conjure Constructs x 1
Gem Beast x 1
Gem Trader x 1
Jewel Sword x 1
Orphica, Dancer in the White Mist x 1
Wing Rider Panda x 1
Faerur’s Spell x 1
Leaf Archer x 1
Dark Elf of the Murky Grove x 1
Gate to Outer World x 1
Stealth Demon x 1
Idol of Willpower x 1
Gem Jail x 1
Indomitable Spirit x 1
Jeweler’s Children x 1
Master of the Sky x 1
Panda Pilot x 1
White Dragonoid Child x 1
Otherworld Dreams x 1
Travelling Panda x 1
Panda Pugilist x 1
Bloodsucker Dragon x 1
Dark Blade’s Harvest x 1
Darkness Majin x 1
Angel Statue of the Tower x 1

Stone Deck x 8
Light Magic Stone x 4
Darkness Magic Stone x 2
Demonic Soulstone x 1
Wind Magic Stone x 1

We are really looking forward to attending more GP’s this season and  showing some of the original deck building that R&D Co. is capable of. Thank you to everyone that came to Richardson, it was a really fun weekend.


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