GP and Gencon Report

Whew, it’s been a while. I was busy preparing for Gencon and Grand Prix Denver in back to back weeks. On the bright side, that means I have multiple tested and true decks for you this time. Two Weeks, Three Decks

GP Collinsville Breakdown

Hey everyone, Frank Closser here. I’ve got a breakdown of the results of GP Collinsville 2018, all the way down to the top 32. I’ve also got select lists from all 9 rulers/archetypes in the top 32! GP Collinsville Breakdown

Weekly Brew

I’ve got a new take on an older brew of mine. It’s a non-Kirik, non-Green deck?! Check it out here

Top 50 Wanderer Cards of 2018: Part 2 (#1-25)

25. Separation of Fates [Last Year: N/P] “Separation of Fates” is a blend of “Charlotte’s Water Transformation Magic” and “Final Forfeit,” creating a monster of a sideboard card. While this card is usually not that easy to put in the main deck despite its cantripping nature (and if it is, it’s as a 1-of), sideboarding…

Top 50 Wanderer Cards of 2018: Part 1 (#26-50)

Hey Rulers, welcome to my 2018 version of the Top 50 Wanderer cards! This is installment #1 out of 2, so it’ll include cards #50-26, with cards #25-1 coming next article. I was waiting on the banlist to publish this article in order to have the most accurate information possible, which is why I waited…

Frank Closser of Team R&D Co. Wins GP Richardson!

Grand Prix Richardson was our first Force of Will GP as a team.  The whole current team attended, Victor Harris, Stephanie Shaw, and Frank Closser.  All 3 members of the team were on the brink of top 8, but Frank Closser the Master of the Sky  Sealed… Won the entire Grand Prix! Frank will be…